What’s in a name? How Each Pint Got its Name!

Multiple, colorful pints of SweetPea non-dairy ice cream displayed against a teal background

What was it that Shakespare said? “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” or something like that, right? Welllll we hear you Bill, but we are going to have to disagree. SweetPea’s flavor names are the perfect compliment to each delicious, decadent pint. In fact, we believe the names are part of what makes us so rad! Which is why we want to take you on a little trip down memory lane to revisit how each pint got its name.

3 Parts Chocolate

Chocoholics are serious when it comes to their chocolate intake. Which is why we wanted to create a pint name that spoke their language! There’s a lot of recipe combinations for chocolate desserts – some add peanut butter, caramel, or even bacon (GROSS). So for the serious chocolate lover looking to get their fix, there’s no confusion about what’s in a pint of 3 Parts Chocolate: chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. What more do you need?

Peanut Butter Bomb

Picture this: a taste test of a new plant-based ice cream where tasters have no clue what to expect. A taster has one bite and the first words out of his mouth are “this peanut butter is BOMB!” With such a strong reaction, a pint name was born. Meet Peanut Butter Bomb.

Mango Tango (Feat. Peach)

This flavor makes anyone who tries it do a little dance because it’s that good! This pint name was adopted early on mainly because it’s fun to say (come on, say it out loud!) and conveys the smooth, fruitiness of this flavor. It’s always a party with Mango Tango (Feat. Peach)

One ‘N Only Cookies ‘N Cream

We knew this pint name needed to show our respect for the OG flavor that is Cookies ‘N Cream. I mean, where would we be without such a classic ice cream?! This flavor is tried and true and always a good choice – hence, the One ‘N Only!

Hello, Cookie Dough!

Cookie Dough is like The Office. You either love it or don’t get the hype. This is why we knew this pint name didn’t need any bells and whistles. We thought of it as more of a reintroduction. So, Hello, Cookie Dough! And hey, it rhymes.

That’s A Mean Vanilla Bean

Vanilla is a hard sell for some people. First, it is unfairly classified as boring or safe. Second, it’s a tricky flavor for any ice cream maker to make JUST right – especially with non-dairy ice cream. But we did it! All while throwing the word boring out the window. That’s A Mean Vanilla Bean will knock out any non-dairy vanilla competition with a one-two punch!

Must Do Cold Brew

This pint name is a nod to those folks who aren’t quite morning people. Their alarm goes off and the only words they have the energy to mutter are “must do coffee.” We see you and we understand that no other conversation or task can be handled until you get that first caffeine fix. Which is why you Must Do Cold Brew.

Salted Caramel’s Sweet Talkin’ Pralines

This flavor has the best of both worlds for mature dessert aficionados… sweet & salty! We wanted to be sure to capture both of those experiences in the pint name. While Salted Caramel is the star, she brings her sweet talkin’ pralines to the party for the ultimate permissibly indulgent treat. Are you drooling over Salted Caramel’s Sweet Talkin’ Pralines yet?

T.G.I. PieDay Raspberry

I mean, we have all been observing T.G.I.F. since the days Full House and Family Matters were our big weekend plans, am I right?! This pint name gives you another reason to TG and that is for the pie pieces and raspberry flavors of T.G.I. PieDay Raspberry. Now, is it acceptable to bring ice cream to the Thanksgiving dessert table yet? 

So tell us, what is your favorite pint name?! Follow us on Instagram and tag us @sweetpeawow! Order yourself a pint from www.sweetpeawow.com or go ahead and request SweetPea in your local grocery stores!



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