The SweetPea Ice Cream Sandwich

Photo shows ice cream sandwich made with SweetPea non-dairy ice cream

What was life before the invention of the ice cream sandwich? I mean, can you imagine being the brave dessert pioneer who boldly went where no other sweet toothed human had gone before? Did alarms ring the first time ice cream was sandwiched between two cookie barriers? Was there a parade in this person’s honor? Sadly, these are things we will never know. But one thing we do know is that the ice cream sandwich has never gone out of style. This baby will always be a classic. From the elementary school lunchroom to the spring break beach house, you know this frozen treat will not disappoint. But we are here to put a new spin on it! Enter the SweetPea Sandwich!

With the SweetPea sandwich, you are avoiding the risks that come along with the ice cream sammies found in the freezer section or the ice cream truck. And by that we mean DAIRY. Going this route for dessert will eliminate any baggage that comes along when you indulge in the OG treat because you will be using SweetPea ice cream of course! You’re going to want to keep an open mind and an empty stomach for this one.

We know what you’re thinking, ice cream can be, well, messy. So why would you want to make your own ice cream sandwich when you could just buy a box of individually wrapped ones?! 

Well first, the SweetPea way is better for the environment on several levels. Second, the fact that SweetPea is non-dairy and pumped with less air helps keep it frozen longer. So you are less likely to have a stomach ache or a mess. Sounds like a win win to me. Now, let’s take a trip to the kitchen and cure that hankering sweet tooth.

Just a Few Things You’ll Need

  • Your favorite pint of SweetPea
  • Two medium to large sized cookies 
  • One large, serrated knife (it’s sharp sis, be careful) 
  • Cutting board, so you don’t jack up your countertops


  1. Grab a frosty pint of SweetPea and turn it on its side.
  2. Using the serrated knife, cut a 1-inch section from the top.
  3. Get one of the cookies and place it down flat.
  4. Place the cut piece of pint on the cookie and remove the packaging. 
  5. Slap the other cookie on top of the ice cream.
  6. Shove that baby in your mouth and enjoy!

Spice it Up

If classics aren’t your scene, we get it and won’t take it too personally. But don’t give up! We’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeve. Switching the type of cookie and mixing up the SweetPea flavor can add a fun twist on this basic treat. Keep reading for the inside scoop on how to add a little something to your SweetPea Sandwich

Now that we have your stomach absolutely moaning and groaning and your mouth drooling, go try it for yourself! We promise we would not lead you astray! But hey, if our suggestions don’t do it for ya, share with us any other tasty combinations you create! 

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