We Ship It!

Two pints of SweetPea's non-dairy plant-based Raspberry ice cream

Beyonce and Jay-Z, ​Ellen and Portia, you and SweetPea. What do all these relationships have in common? We ship ‘em!

And we ship SweetPea for just $26. 

You may be thinking “Twenty-six large, are you crazy?” ? But $26 bucks to ship 4-10 pints of delicious non-dairy ice cream directly to your house isn’t a bad deal once you break it down. Especially when you consider you spend that much to ship other things directly to your house.

The Break Down - Why shipping costs $26

$26 Washingtons pays for:

  • Shipping on 4-10 pints of SweetPea non-dairy ice cream.
  • A cooler to keep that ice cream cold while it’s enroute.
  • A box to ship that cooler full of non-dairy deliciousness to your house.
  • Dry ice to keep your non-dairy ice cream dreams from becoming your non-dairy juice dreams. 

Fun Fact: The dry ice keeps your pints at negative 110 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s 100 degrees colder than your freezer! ?

$26 scratch also goes toward:

  • Authorizing the UPS to leave the package—filled with your non-dairy ice cream dreams—at your door. So if you’re not home when the package is delivered, it will be waiting when you arrive. (Because of how it’s packaged, it will stay cold well into the evening.)

Let’s be honest, most of the time when you pay for shipping, you’re paying for some extra plastic wrapped around a sweater. But with SweetPea, you’re paying for so. much. more. You’re paying for your goods to be preserved and preserved WELL.

While we’re on a roll, let’s break it down some more…

Other things you spend about $26 green to ship


If you’ve ever ordered flowers for delivery, then you’ll know that shipping fees are no joke. So ask yourself, would you rather spend your shipping money to send your BFF 4-10 pints of delicious non-dairy ice cream (that will keep in their freezer), or send them a bouquet of roses they can’t eat and that will die in a few days?

Fruit Bouquets and Baskets

Eating fruit punched through a flower-shaped cookie cutter is a great experience—we’re not throwing shade! But we are saying that the cost to ship an arrangement of fruit (in any form) can be pretty on par with shipping SweetPea. These are the facts, we’re just the messenger. 

Take Out

GrubHub and DoorDash and all those delivery companies have honestly changed our lives for the better. We love them! But you could easily pay a delivery fee of $30 or more. Trust us, we’ve been there #covidlockdown2020… and we don’t want to go back.

The Takeaway

Paying $26 bucks to have 4-10 pints of SweetPea non-dairy ice cream shipped right to your door isn’t a bad price to pay. 

And honestly? How could you not try it at least once? Your $26 bucks goes to packing these creamy, delicious pints into a cooler within a shipping box with enough dry ice to keep the contents perfectly frozen. It also goes into making sure your delicious pints:

  • Aren’t in transit over the weekend
  • Aren’t sitting around and melting at UPS
  • Get to you as fresh as possible/straight from us

The SweetPea shipping cost is totally worth every penny.

So whether you’re shipping yourself some SweetPea, shipping it to your dad on Father’s Day, or shipping a congratulatory box to your BFF for their new promotion—just ship it!

SweetPea non-dairy ice cream has something for everyone. We’ve got something for your plant-based friends, lactose-intolerant cousins, gluten-free parents, your vegan BFF, and your soy-free work wife. Check out our amazing flavors here!

Still don’t want to pay the shipping cost? 

Email your local grocery store and tell them you want to see SweetPea non-dairy ice cream on the shelves! Then tell all your friends to do the same. Finally, follow us on Facebook @SweetPeaWow, Instagram @SweetPeaWow and Twitter @SweetPeaWow to stay up to date with us.



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