The Most Delicious Mother’s Day Gift Ever

Woman standing with SweetPea non-dairy ice cream pint and cone.

Consider this your official reminder that Mother’s Day is almost here! But if you didn’t get your mom a gift yet, don’t panic. We have the most delicious Mother’s Day gift idea ever: send your mom a few pints of SweetPea non-dairy ice cream. 

That’s right, you can send your mom the best and most delicious Mother’s Day gift and finally secure your place as her favorite child. Move over jewelry she won’t wear, flowers that won’t last a week, edible fruit arrangements everyone’s mom will be getting—you’re sending your mom an indulgent, unbelievably creamy, non-dairy, plant-based ice cream this year!

 Not convinced?

Here are the top reasons you should be sending your mom SweetPea for Mother’s Day this year!

Your mom is a rad human who deserves an equally rad gift.

An assortment of SweetPea is cheaper than most flower arrangements. It’s also more creative and way more delicious. Plus SweetPea will keep in the freezer long past the time when those roses you send every year wilt and die. (Sometimes the truth hurts.)

We do all the work for you. All you have to do is buy the ice cream and we’ll send it. No wrapping, no dropping it off at the post office, no hassle!

Your mom doesn’t want chocolate covered berries and neon colored flowers. There is no world where those things are better than ice cream and did we mention SweetPea is completely comparable in price?

You can customize your gift by picking out her favorite flavors! Is she a 3 Parts Chocolate kind of lady? Maybe a Must Do Cold Brew person? Or maybe she goes for fruity flavors like Mango Tango? Regardless of her fava flava, we’ve got something she’s going to love.

SweetPea is a UNIQUE gift. It’s one you haven’t done before and one your siblings will never think to do.

SweetPea is a better-for-you ice cream. It also has flavors for every diet, food restriction, or lifestyle choice your mom might be into.

Your mom is the Cool Mom. Cool Moms deserve cool gifts. Keep your number one lady on trend this year with our chickpea ice cream.

No one has ever bought your mom non-dairy ice cream for Mother’s Day. And for the mom who has it all, this is something she definitely doesn’t have. Trust us, delicious and nutritious ice cream is hard to come by. 

SweetPea is environmentally friendly. Chickpeas use rainfall for water, so they need very little additional water to harvest. They improve and enrich soil structure and create their own nitrogen, so they have less need for added fertilizer. Chickpeas can even cut carbon and lessen climate change! How’s all that for a Mother’s Day gift?

You can eat some. Look, we know it’s about mom and it’s totally rude to buy her the creamiest non-dairy ice cream on the market and then ask for a bite. But we both know your mom is going to offer you some at some point, so why not take advantage? 

All your mom really wants for Mother’s Day is to create a memory. And we all know how the saying goes: The best memories are made gathered around the SweetPea table. So get something extremely delicious, that has flavors everyone can enjoy and go make those memories with the gal who taught you not to sit on a great gift idea!

Whether your mom is lactose-intolerant, gluten-free, plant-based or just enjoys delicious ice cream, SweetPea has flavors for everyone. Most importantly, we have flavors your mom will love. Make this Mother’s Day a win and order your mom SweetPea ice cream right now!

Which flavors are you going to order for your mom this Mother’s Day?



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