4 Ways To Have The Best (Non-Dairy) Night In

Lady eating ice cream with spoon

Are you ready for this? We are reinventing the night-out, so that you can get the squad back together in a super fun, safe, virtual and non-dairy ice cream kind of delicious way.

It’s no secret…we’ve all missed out on some pretty rad moments with our family and friends over the past year (thanks for nothing ‘rona).

While we might not be rushing to get back out to our usual birthday parties, beach vacays, music festivals, or backyard hangouts quite yet, we’re not going to let that dull your sparkle, baby. We want to help YOU reconnect with friends and family safely (but with no absence of fun).

Welcome to your unofficial guide on 4 ways to have the best night in with your friends:

Step 1: Grab your phone, laptop, tablet or whatever the hell you like to video chat with.

Step 2: Call up all your friends or family or both on your preferred video chat app.

Step 3: Snatch a spoon (or a few) and that sexy pint of the best non-dairy ice cream you’ve ever tasted (aka SweetPea) that’s calling your name.

Step 4: Get to gaming

Game #1 Siblings or Dating?

You are in for surprises with this cheeky little game. First, have both you and your friend pull up the Instagram account @siblingsordating. Start from the top and work your way down. Each post is a photo of two people who are either siblings or dating. Both you and your friend will share your guesses with each other and then swipe to reveal the answer. You are going to be SHOOK by some of these couples.

Game #2 Psych!

Prepare to be ROASTED, but in the best way possible! Psych! is a free app that has 10+ hilarious different game prompts. Our favorite is ‘The Truth Comes Out’. In this game, questions will be asked to the group about each participating member. The questions are designed to call out your funniest quirks because other members will answer the questions about the person in question. So everyone, head to the app store, download Psych! And start laughing!

Game #3 Who’s Most Likely

A classic party game. This one can be played in many ways. There are decks that can be purchased online like the Who’s Most Likely To… card game or you can simply search “who’s most likely to questions” into your browser. Either way, you can never go wrong with this classic game. Designate someone as the question reader and then have fun battling it out for who is the most likely.

BONUS – SweetPea Wine Pairing

For all our wine lovin’ friends out there, this one’s for you. Who needs one piece of chocolate when you could indulge in our infamous non-dairy ice cream flavor, 3 Parts Chocolate #noregrets. What wine lover can say no to a combination of chocolate and wine? Coordinate with your friends a wine to pair with your 3 Parts Chocolate vegan ice cream, jump on a video call, sit back, relax and INDULGE. Maybe play one of our fun night in party games too! This activity will soon turn into your Friday go-to.

A night in can be just as lit as a night out. If you’re like us, you love a night in as much as you love hittin’ the town. So why not make it fun? Even though we are still confined to the walls of our homes, we’re not gonna let that stop our party.

Get your friends and family back together, get some SweetPea non-dairy ice cream, wow your friends, and reconnect just like old times. It’s time to add a little sweetness back into your social life.

What flavor do you want to bring to your night in?



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Hi Sharon! Thanks for stopping by! It is not sugar free and does not include stevia.