Put On Your Party Shoes: It’s Garbanzo Bean Day

SweetPea non dairy ice cream mango tango pint open and tipped over with dry chickpeas spilling out on a black background

Ladies and gents, the day has arrived. The day where we pay tribute to what started it all. The day that goes unnoticed by many but is a day of celebration for us at SweetPea. Yes, that’s right. October 21st is Garbanzo Bean Day! 

Are you scratching your head over there? Well, don’t! Garbanzo Bean Day is legit and very near and dear to our hearts because where would we be without the chickpea? Did we forget to mention chickpeas and garbanzo beans are the same thing? Even more of a reason to celebrate! 

It’s no secret that garbanzo beans are what makes SweetPea the one of a kind delectable treat it is. I mean, we are the only chickpea based ice cream available nationally! Reflecting on our relationship with these legumes had us all in our feelings. So after crying it out for a sec we decided it would be best to channel our love and respect for this holiday in writing. So we are proud to present: SweetPea Commends the Garbanzo Bean.

The Ode

Garbanzo bean, garbanzo bean

As a kid why did we think you were mean?

Was it the scary word legume

That would make us cower in our room?

Now we see you for what you are

A little powerhouse that has taken ice cream far! 

Without you, dairy would be our main squeeze

Can you imagine the stomachaches? Help me please!

On this special holiday, we salute you bean

Thank you for making our ice cream pristine.

The Limerick

Ice cream was once made of dairy

Belly bombs so bad twas’ scary

Along came the bean

Garbanzo and clean

Now grab your spoon and be merry!

The Haiku

Chickpeas have two names

Garbanzo bean is the same

Our heroes; not lame

No matter how you decide to play homage to the garbanzo bean today, make sure it involves a pint of SweetPea! Follow us on Instagram @sweetpeawow or order yourself a pint from www.sweetpeawow.com. Now tell us, what flavor pint would you choose to celebrate Garbanzo Bean Day?!



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